Omar Walters

Chef & Owner

Growing up in New York city's melting pot diversity allowed Omar to cultivate the different tastes and cooking styles of many cultures into hybrid dishes. Combining Asian, Caribbean, and Italian is an example of how he dares to go the extra step to create something fresh. As he continues to do what others haven't dared, his root inspiration of the urban vibe from the urban community and city night life culture fuels his creativity.

Shelly Dawn


Her vegan/vegetarian lifestyle makes for added quality to that food style genre here at Omar's Kitchen. She brings excitement with flavor and style to her dishes, and its clear why the team values her eye for presentation.

Maxine Greaves


Maxine's culinary excellence is derived of her Jamaican roots, heavily influenced spices and herbs that brings her dishes to life. Her reliability and stride to perfection makes her a key piece of the restaurant's team.

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Omar's Kitchen, located in New York City, breaks through the dim and distant past of conventional catering. Our, anything but ordinary, genre of catering service plateau was established in honor of our obsessed yet ever supportive food lovers. What lies here, is an inhibited fusion of thoughtful innovative multi-cultural dishes. Invigorate your taste buds with a creatively modern and refreshing culinary approach on authentic home style cooking. An important component attached to Omar's Kitchen, is that we are committee to cooking dishes that not only appear delectable but taste so.

Scratch the fancy jargon; you want food that is more than appetizing and reaches a satisfying threshold. Encounter a catering business that strives to meet the preferential needs of its customer by advocating wholesomeness in the quality of their food and outstanding personal services. Omar's Kitchen all-embracing ideas of interesting culinary cuisines, theorized a menu of distinct options that shall touch not only the stomach but "soul" of each client. A business teeming with passion, palatable diversity and an understanding appreciation for consuming good food could only forfeit a rewarding outcome, happiness and joy.